Wood Farm Brewery Challenge – CMCC special event May 2015


The Team Kirk crew decided we would support those nice chaps from Coventry Model Car Club and attend their 2 day special event at Wood Farm Brewery near Lutterworth. The event was held as a trial to see if the venue and all parties “worked” before anyone commits to anything long term.

We headed up on the Friday afternoon with the caravan to get setup for 2 days of old school grass racing! A good few people were already there and setup so we got the place settled and all the kit out ready for Saturday.

The format was, each day of racing would be classified as is at the end of that day with trophies for the top 3 spots in each class, with the addition of a “Super Final” on Sunday for those that qualified.

The Track was 100% grass for most of the Saturday whilst the weather was fine and dry, but Sunday was a different story, a massive down pour overnight made it very wet on Sunday. By the time the first 2 heats had been out it was just wet sticky mud with mud covered bits of grass off the racing line.

20150530_173008SATURDAY: I had never raced on grass and I jinxed it Friday night by telling everyone that I had also never raced in the rain….. I can only say that I thoroughly enjoyed myself, whilst dry the Schumacher Mini Spikes in blue compound with just the outer row of spikes trimmed was the ticket, taking me to 4 straight heat wins in Short Course and the same again in 2wd Buggy.  Taking trophies for both classes was a very pleasant surprise!

SUNDAY: it Was very very boggy and wet, the rain was on and off all day, the ground drained very fast though and the grip levels were just so inconsistent from one round to the next, I used Schumacher Spirals in Silver Compound just about all day long and they were stunning, allowing the car to slide in the corners whilst still giving masses of forward traction; to the point where my lap times were only a tenth or two from where they were in the dry on Saturday.

I took 3 heat wins as I never finished the first heat as the car had a thermal shutdown due to me forgetting to plug the ESC fan back in after changing some settings over night. I lined up first on the grid in the short course final. I withdrew from 2wd buggy 20150531_121843as it was just too boggy for the little car to get round, plus I wasn’t prepared for the conditions tyres wise.

In the final I had a real dodgy start, the rain had stopped just before the rally x final
which went out before us (20min final), the track still looked very wet so I stayed with the Spiral tyres; a poor decision in the end as it had managed to dry out enough for these tyres to give just that bit too much grip so it was very edgy to drive and I made a lot of errors. The reality is I should have gone out on Mini Spikes. Karlos did and he beat me hands down in the conditions so a cracking effort from the destroyer to take the Final Win. I finished in 2nd overall for Sunday, with the stuntman putting in his best finish to date coming home in 3rd overall meaning Team Kirk locked out the podium!!!! #Happydays

I lined up first for the Short Course Super Final, and after a slow and steady start on the Mini Spike tyres I started to get a bit of a lead on so I just held it steady and took the win, so another trophy in the bag, 2 days racing and 4 trophies, fair to say I am one happy boy!!! On a side note though, the rain just started to fall again as the countdown started and by the second lap it was Spiral tyre territory so again I caught myself out with tyres but managed to bring it home nonetheless.

I loved racing on the grass and loved it even more when it got wet and muddy, thrashing these off road trucks in proper off road conditions was mega, the mess it made of my 1 event old Tekno SCT 410.3 was another story, at writing I am 5hrs into a full strip clean/service and re build with probably another 2hrs ahead of me to finish. The truck was awesome again all weekend, not a wrench was used other than changing the tyres and one small rear droop adjustment, the Tekin electronics performed faultlessly even in the horrible wet conditions, the Tekno EB48 shell/undertray was spot on and kept all the nasty stuff out! If you run a TEKNO SCT410 and dont have one you need one, available from all good model shops or direct from DMS Racing.

Saturday – SCT 1st / 10th 2wd  1st

Sunday – SCT 2nd / SCT Super Final 1st

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