Winter update Jan 2016

So whats been happening since the last post.

Since getting the news that Team Kirk secured a support deal with Race Pace RC we have not had a chance to do a great deal of racing. This is a very busy time of year with work so that has to take a priority over the hobby, thats not to say nothing has been happening though?

I got a little itch to get a rally car after seeing them at the ICEMAN series, they looked so scale and a lot of fun to drive, so I converted the old Tamiya TT01 into a rally car for the next round. It didnt go well, after not being able to steer straight It then lost a shock cap in a pipe excursion then just stopped dead on track.

ENTER “THE” Rally Car…….
After a bit of scouring on the interweb I came across the hobbyking Basher RZ4 1/10 Rally Racer which is essentially a touring car with long shocks on, I waited till the deals came up on Cyber Monday and bagged one for just £70 in ARTR form. I got it a few days later and all I had to do was put a lipo and a receiver in it and off I went. BUT COULD I STOP AT THAT, OH NO, separate post coming soon????

ICEMAN “hold the ice”
Rd4 of the Iceman series has been and gone, It went well, see the full post coming soon. Theres some video to edit too so that should be cool. One thing is for certain, there was NO ICE and its the wettest weather I have ever raced in?

STUNTMAN goes to 410.3 spec
Pete has got himself the SCT410.3 kit to build up ahead of the new season starting in a couple of months time, new shell, new paintjob, new electrics, new truck!!!! 2016 will be a good year for the Stuntman Im sure!

2016 Livery sorted
New paintjobs all round for the lads, I already did one for Karlos in an all new colour scheme, mine and Petes will be getting sent off to “DUDE” Mark Ashforth of UK SC NATS fame for some fresh war paint! Pics coming soon.


Big news that in February Silverstone RCMCC will open their new permanent indoor venue at Round Spinney Ind Estate Northampton, Buggy action as usual on Tuesday nights and Short Course and Micros on Thursdays! Cant wait!!!!! See oOple forum club section for more info.

Stay tuned for more soon.

3 thoughts on “Winter update Jan 2016

  1. Greets from Madison, Wisconsin (USA)!!

    Been following your site and Youtube videos. You guys have more fun than what should be legal. Americans have turned into a bunch of skirt wearing Sally’s running 2WD buggy’s everywhere. Nothing stops you guys…cold, rain, whatever. That’s awesome.

    Own four Tekno SCT410 – two original and building a second SCT410.3 for indoor carpet racing.

    Better days, I’ll find you guys when I make it to Britain.

    1. Wow, thanks for the great comments dude, we are truckers to the bone and we do race whatever the weather, just got in from cleaning the truck after a long day getting hammered by the icy cold winds at the A1 Iceman series. We too have the buggy boys ruling the roost, I have a name for them but can’t write that here lol. (I also have a buggy though.just prefer the trucks.)

      Me the destroyer and stuntman have a pair of sct410 trucks each. Love em. If your over the UK any time be sure to give us a Holla !!??

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