20150517_092955After a very successful series in 2015, with the title battle going right down to the last race of the season it was certainly action packed. However not without a little controversy and politics being thrown into the mix with different outcomes to similar issues at different tracks, timing and results issues and mix-ups.

Nothing majorly out of the ordinary really it just seemed to be a lot of it going on and drivers were becoming a little anxious. The series organisers get paid nothing to do what they do, its simply for the love of our hobby.

After a few conversations with the organisers it was agreed to hold a quick AGM type meeting at the end of the last round, it was fairly brief but it gave those with concerns a chance to speak out. The main issues were around the racing format and consistency in the rules.

It was unanimously agreed to elect an official committee to enable a little more structure and so people know who to go to for what etc. Below is what was agreed at the time. The committee setup a group chat on Facebook so that we can all be in contact to discuss the season ahead. We will hopefully have a meeting at the next round of the A1 Iceman series on the 22nd of November to iron out some of the plans.


2015 Short Course Nationals AGM Minutes:

Elected Committee Members

Chairman – Mark Ashforth

Treasurer – Paul Dickens

Webmaster – Chris Spendlove

Track co-ordinator – Ian Gardner

Head referee – Mark Ashforth

Drivers representative – Justin Kirk

Series Sponsorship Coordinator – James Noke


List of main items to be decided upon.

  • Format for 2016; look at rocket finals bumping drivers for 1 round of finals as a last chance type final qualifier.
  • Maximum of 8 heats. 5 minute heats and finals. Newbie heat, RTR or 13.5 motor limit.
  • Tracks to be a minimum of 3 meters wide and capable of taking 10 SC trucks.
  • 6 rounds with 50% plus 1 round to qualify for championship.
  • Sin bin penalty box on track.

We hope to have your support for the 2016 season which promises to be even better with a solid format and points systems providing maximum track time and fun for all the family.

Stay tuned over the coming weeks and months for more updates as and when they happen.


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