UK Short Course Nationals – RD 2 ROBIN HOOD RACEWAY

RHR PANORAMASo round 2 took us north up to to Blythe to the Robin Hood Raceway. An awesome venue with both dirt and astro tracks, for round 2 we were using the astro track. Its a very challenging track with some very tricky jumps and cool camber changes throughout. Up to now this has been my favourite track. We took the caravan and was able to pitch up right next to the track and use the awning as out pit area for the weekend.


As was now normal we went for a practice on Saturday to get used to the track layout and grip levels etc. I struggled with grip as I only had worn PinPoints and a single pair of Kourse Kings. I loved the track, it was tricky to drive but very enjoyable when you got a clean lap in. The truck was fast around here and I was feeling confident that I could do better than before.


ROUND 1:  I got off to a flying start and drove a clean race keeping the crashes to a minimum, the jumps here were betted suited to the Traxxas Slash 4X4 and I was hitting them well. I finished 1st place in this round, the track was damp and the tyres were working well, my concern was once it dried out as in practice I couldn’t seem the get the grip needed to attack it the way I would have liked.

ROUND 2: The track had started to dry out and the tyre choice was limited, I drove a decent race but just couldnt seem to match the pace of the others, after the 6 mins I finished in 3rd place.

ROUND 3: A good race was had on the track with a battles going on, a very enjoyable race, sometimes forgetting its not yet about the racing but overall qualifying time. A couple of minor crashes cost me some time and I came home in 3rd place again. At this point I was hoping for an A-Final finish but just needed to keep my head down.

ROUND 4: The final round of qualifying did not quite go to plan, I put a lot of pressure on myself to go as fast as I could to try and get in the A Final, however this had the opposite effect and I just had a major crash fest and ended up finishing 5th place and subsequently missed a place in the A Final.

FINALS – Qualified 3rd in the B-Final

LEG 1: I finished 2nd Place to Darren Emmerson on the lead lap, setting the fastest lap of 26.89, 3 tenths quicker than 1st place Darren.

LEG 2: Finished 2nd Place (lost time sheet pic)

LEG 3: Was all or nothing to try and improve on 2nd place, a repeat of the last quali round meant I just crashed too much and ended back in 4th place by the end of the 6mins.

An overall result of 3rd place in the B-Final was a result I was very happy with after burning out my tyres on the saturday, it was my first trophy and although not from the A final I was very happy. I had been told repeatedly the Slash cannot compete against the “many” Durangos on the astroturf.


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