UK Short Course Nationals 2015 – RD4 BOUGHTON RACEWAY

RD4 BOUGHTON20150711_161649
Got a Selfie stick for a laugh – is the custom matching phone cover a step too far??? Who cares im having a ball!!

What a track and what a venue, a lovely layout with fast flowing sweepers and some nice tight technical sections, coupled with the massive straight it was a real drivers track.

We went up Saturday afternoon and got set up, did half a pack to familiarise and work out what needed changing etc. I decided to go up to a 17 tooth Pinion on the Tekin 4300kv for a bit more top speed on the straight. I also set about changing a couple of the ESC settings mainly changing the rev range for the boost, in doing so the laptop somehow corrupted the save file for the settings and reset the defaults, it took more than 2hrs to work it out. I thought the receiver had died on me as I had steering but no throttle, I went through everything bit by bit, re binding, resetting the TX to defaults etc etc but nothing seemed to fix it. In the end I found I could get throttle when I set the TX throttle/brake proportion to 50/50 so I knew it wasn’t the RX at this point. I reset the Throttle/Brake/Neutral calibration on the ESC and bobs your uncle! Sorted.

RD4 BOUGHTON20150711_161530

I setup the ESC again and sorted out the settings on the TX and we were good to go. I did 3 timed runs with different combinations of tyres (Schumacher Mini Spikes VS Mini Pins) I settled for Mini Spikes for Dry weather and had some Schumacher Spirals ready for the rain.

Raceday was all about tyre choice as the weather was chucking down with rain first thing, then it went, then it was intermittent showers and then an almighty downpour which nearly cancelled the finals? After that the sun came out late afternoon and all was good.

Qualified 4th overall which is a career best I believe, this time going with my instincts and not bottling it when it came to tyre choice, the track grip levels were incredibly dynamic and responsive to weather conditions, it would dry out fast but if it was dry and then 20 seconds of light rain fell the grip disappeared. The first round it did this, it was dry going out to track, then it rained lightly for less than a minute on the way up the rostrum and the grip just vanished catching everyone out for the first few laps, but as quick as the grip went, it was back again about 4mins into the round? The moss under the astro was also a challenge as when it got wet it was like slime and if you went off line and onto the moss you were in trouble.

RD4 BOUGHTON20150712_161823
The moss under the track made an appearance as soon as it got wet, very slippy and very messy!

RD4 BOUGHTON20150712_151526FINALS:

Starting in 4th place I got a decent start and we all made through the first 3 corners without issue, I managed to get caught up in a skirmish with another driver just after the table top drop down, pushing me to the back of the pack, over the course of the race I managed to get up to 6th place for the finish.

Leg 2, I got a slower start but still kept it clean for the first lap, running OK it was wet and was very slippy so the truck was drifting about a bit, another skirmish caused some lost time where I tagged another driver and span him round, I waited and a few others got past. I finished up 5th place.

Leg 3, A better start off the line, this time on dry setup and with Mark Everitt sitting out as he had already took the win, I went straight into 3rd place, I had much more speed than most going into turn 1 and found I had to take a wider line round 1 into the apex of turn 2, as I went into turn 2 I caught the side of another car, I waited and once we got going again I had dropped back to 5th behind Lewis and Luke, a mega battle ensued, Luke and I racing wheel to wheel for most of the race trading places all the while, Lewis caught a break and made some distance whilst I was battling, I made one mistake and lost the place to Luke making life more difficult. I did manage to catch and pass him before the finish to come home 3rd place.


Overall finish for the finals was 5th place so a respectable 193pts added this round; I had the pace to have done better but a bit of misfortune and a few mistakes on my part meant it wasnt meant to be on the day. Onto round 5 at Mendip raceway down in Weston Super Mare on the 9th August!! Cant wait 🙂


Our first attempt and vlog titled “Confessions of a club racer” to accompany the magazine article and social media stuff we do already.

Full race – A Final 4wd 3rd leg

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