Tuesday 26/08/14 at SRCMCC

Another great night racing, everyone is improving, I struggled early on with setup after ARC the weekend before, but a quick tyre change and some adjustment on the droop front and rear and we are back in the game. Club Chairman, RC  Buggy Racing Legend and all round top bloke Matt Owen said to Pete he wanted to teach me a lesson so he joined us in the Truck class with a truck he borrowed from Jez……………..Thank god it broke is all I can say.

Matt was flying and whilst I was trying to sort the grip out I was getting whipped, once I sorted the issues though it was a lot closer, thankfully in the final Matts borrowed truck ran out of juice so I cruised the TEKNO home to another Final victory.

I have a feeling he wont let this be the last of it?? Lets see what tomorrow night holds for us 🙂 Still I set my faster ever lap of “The Stone” with a sub 19s Lap with an 18.860 just a couple of weeks after the first time I ever broke into the sub 19’s !! Yee ha 🙂

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