TUESDAY 02/09/2014 @ SRCMCC

Tonight was all about transponder issues, with JK and Sean’s PT numbers being mixed up in the first heat, skewing the result? Then later JK had signal issues and all night Daniel was somehow recording 10 sec lap times LOL

More tyre testing for JK tonight whilst trying to find the sweet spot in tread wear, “there seems to be quite a narrow window through the life of the tyre where they are just mega, you can drive hard on them without the risk of grip rolling on the super high grip astro at Silverstone”. Peter was struggling on the Schumacher Mini Pins causing far too much front end grip so I gave him some worn PL Pinpoints which were about bald with just half a MM or so of the pins still on it and it transformed his driving.

Simon put in another Super Sniper performance keeping it very tidy and working well on lapping consistently, coming an impressive 2nd place with a standard slash 4×4 against 2 Tekno’s and 2 Durangos in Round 1. Simon came 4th in Round 2 although we are sure it was another 2nd as the PT gremlins recorded a couple of sub 12s laps for Daniel and a sub 15s lap for Sean, something was not quite right. Even with all the issues Simon still came 2nd place in the Final. Great job 🙂

Peter did not have the luck on his side tonight, losing a wheel in the first round in epic “stuntman” fashion, then battling the devil grip roll through round 2. Round 3 picked up the pace after swapping the front wheels for ones with less grip. Epic battle with JK for a few laps in the final, then on lap 5 another failure for Pete when a motor wire let go and stopped the car on track?

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