TEKNO SCT410.3 Build

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASo I couldn’t contain the excitement after I saw news that Tekno were to release a new truck, so much so that I almost instantly pulled the trigger on a pre order with DMS Racing, after a little wait it arrived on my desk on the 14th April. I could not wait to tuck in and get started, however my eagerness was quickly met with a lack of the correct tools for the job!! I did the diffs then went on to do the wishbones and saw the manual said the hinge pin should fall right through on its own and to use a 4mm arm reamer or a number 19 drill bit. As I had no idea what size a number 19 drill bit was I opted for the 4mm arm reamer option. After a week long wait I finally got the arm reamer and sorted the wishbones out.  For the newbie builders amongst us the arm reamer is designed to remove excess material from the hole without making it so big the pin will wobble about in there?

Building this second kit just solidifies my opinions of the Tekno products, its simply awesome, so robust and precisely engineered, to tolerance levels normally reserved for full size race cars, but this thing is every bit a properly engineered race truck. I used a tip I saw on a video of Ty Tessman’s dad polishing up the shock shafts using metal polish and a dremel to smooth them up and I also did a wee bit of this on the hinge pins too in order to ensure a really silky smooth bind free action on the car. After assembling the 2 ends of the car I could tell this trick paid off as it was as smooth as butter and completely free of any binding. #Chuffed.

The main differences with the new kit over the original is the all new suspension geometry, the shock towers wishbones and anti roll bars are all totally new. This all helps to reduce the trucks centre of gravity to give better handling. The new steeper angle of the shocks on the new kit means a softer spring and lighter shock oil can be used to achieve the same damping characteristics of a much stiffer setup but means it can soak up bumps at speed better and offer better jump landing ability right out of the box.

Further upgrades come in the way a new lightweight chassis plate and all lightened diff outdrives and diff couplers throughout, there is also a new tapered light weight centre driveshaft which bizarrely is actually 2g heavier than the standard one in the original 410 kit? Anyway it looks amazing and promises better strength so at a cost of just 2g I will run with it as the weight savings are decent elsewhere.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANew composite cross pins in the diffs save rotational mass increasing drive ability and helping futher with the CoG on the whole. New Wheel hexes to go with the new wider rear wishbones, one of which I broke during the build by overtightening it, its a different design of hex to the original one so not one I was used to and I got a bit carried away with these, so be careful if you have them, you only need to nip them up enough that it keep the axle pin located behind it.

After a couple of long nights and a few hours on saturday just gone I finally finished the truck build. I transferred the carbon diff brace and carbon servo OLD VS NEW - Illusion hi-flow left / Raptor SCTR right (JCONCEPTS)brace from the old truck as they are a direct fit, I will also swap over the carbon rear mud guards if they fit. Sunday was spent prepping and painting the new JConcepts Raptor SCT-R body shell that I got a while back, I had to hold off painting it as I wanted to get it mounted on the new chassis whilst its clear to get a good fit on it, the last one I had was painted by someone else so I had a real job to mount that one afterwards.

OK enough waffle onto the pics, Enjoy. Any questions feel free to comment below or hit me up on facebook/twitter/google plus etc (links at the very bottom of the page.

TRUCK:  2015 Tekno RC – SCT410.3

ESC: Tekin RX8 Gen2 | MOTOR: Tekin PRO4HD 4300kv | SERVO: Savox 1258TG | BATTERY: Vampire Racing 7500mah 80C

BODY: JConcepts ILLUZION Ford Raptor SVT SCT-R (0215) | WHEELS: JConcepts Hazard SCTE Yellow

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