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RC Engineering experts Tekno RC in San Diego USA have just announced the launch of the follow up to the amazing SCT410 Short Course competition truck chassis. its been nearly 2 years since the ground breaking 10th scale SCT hit the market to much praise from bashers and racers alike for its immense strength and high quality parts, so it was inevitable that the very clever people at Tekno would launch an updated version.

As you know I have been running the Tekno SCT410 since the end of last summer and over that time have been properly impressed by how awesome this truck is, everything about it is oversized and beefed up from what we were used to, with massive 16mm big bore shocks as standard and a mind bending amount of setup possibilities for me it was simply a “game changer”. Compared to the Traxxas Slash 4×4 I ran before the Tekno, the difference is night and day, I went from winning B finals to hanging onto the previous seasons champion at the sharp end of the A finals on my first event. (read more on that here)

SCT410.3_2sSo the new Tekno SCT410.3 (no idea what happened to the 410.2 but who cares) is an upgraded version of the current car with a host of upgrades over the standard kit. Essentially what they have done is produce a new kit which includes just about all the option parts that are available plus some all new stuff like the trick new bottom arms which are now flat on the underside and the new lower shock tower/body mounting position. The most noticeable new feature is the revised shock towers and bottoms arms giving the truck new suspension geometry with visibly more aggressive angles on the shocks that the current model. Its all function over form for these guys so you now this is gonna be awesome on the track once it arrives.

I have already got 95% of the upgrades which are now standard in the kit, but for those who were “thinking” of making the jump to a Tekno truck now is the time as the existing car is no doubt going to drop in price ahead of the official launch but if thats not your thing, then get this………..The new trucks retail price is only going to be a few quid more than the kit it replaces which will represent immense value for money on track.

This truck is going to be hot property Im sure, as the guys over on RC TECH NET have already setup and thread for it a few days ago”

Reported to be hitting the shops from April, when in April no one knows, but one thing is for if you want one pre-order it now via your preferred model shop, and if they don’t stock TEKNO RC short course trucks then they are missing out!! Tell them call XFACTORY UK the sole UK distributor for Tekno RC and make sure you get yours. If you don’t have a preferred model shop then call DMS Racing on 01923 816636 or hit the link below to pre-order yours now with a small deposit of just £35!!




Official improvment blurb after the pics below:


Tekno RC is proud to announce the newest revision to our stable of innovative RC vehicles – The SCT410.3 1/10th 4×4 Competition Short Course Truck.  The SCT410.3 is an updated version of the original SCT410 with a slew of new parts and improvements. The SCT410.3 leapfrogs over the 4×4 SC competition in terms of performance, durability, and value.  We have our customers’ best interests at heart so there is a clear path to simply upgrade your original SCT410.  But there’s nothing like a fresh new kit that goes together like butter so pick up the SCT410.3 race kit and unleash it on the competition!

With the SCT410.3, we wanted to improve performance and increase value to the customer without increasing the price or compromising on the great qualities of the original.  To do this, we went through the entire platform and made changes accordingly.
SCT410.3 New Features and Improvements:
Drivetrain Improvements:
  • The diffs feature smoother gears and a new 1-piece composite diff cross pin.
  • The old steel driveshaft has been replaced with a new tapered aluminum design.
  • All of the outdrives and couplers are now lightened.
  • Angled rear gearbox with larger bearings is now standard.
  • Results – dramatically reduced rotating mass, improved acceleration and efficiency.
Suspension Improvements:
  • All new front and rear suspension geometry.
  • New reduced height front and rear shock towers.
  • New V2 hinge pin brace system for incredible adjustability.
  • New front arms feature a flat bottom for increased durability and clearance.
  • New rear arms feature the flat bottom but are also 4mm longer.
  • New rear hubs with reduced offset to match the longer rear arms.
  • New longer rear sway bar.
  • New clamping spring perches with captured shock boots.
  • New droop adjustment screws are now standard.
  • Results – lower CG, increased adjustability, increased stability, and increased consistency.
Weight, Durability, and other Improvements:
  • Lightened black anodized 4mm CNC chassis is now standard.
  • Aluminum pivot balls throughout.
  • Aluminum suspension and spindle bushings are now standard.
  • New lighter camber link rod ends and turnbuckles.
  • LCG Lightened Motor mount is now standard.
  • M5 stub axles are now standard.
  • Split center diff mount makes maintenance a breeze.
  • Lightened metal clamping 12mm wheel hexes are now standard.
  • Revised front bumper increases ground clearance.
  • Larger 6x13x5mm (vs. 6x12x4mm) outer wheel bearings front and rear increases durability.
  • Spindles feature adjustable stops for more precise steering control.
  • Compatibility with existing parts and options.
  • Results – lower CG, improved handling, improved acceleration, and improved durability.

As you can see, the changes are extensive and meticulous.  This provides our customers with the best handling 4×4 SC kit that also happens to be the best value on the market.


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