Stuntmans New Lid

So the Stuntman Pete got a new lid, and guess who was nominated to paint it for him?? Me!

20140903_203432So we started off with a lovely new Jconcepts Illuzion Hi Flow Light Weight Body from I stuck it in the shower and gave it a good wash to get any release agent off it.

The next step was to draw the design onto the outside overspray film then cut out the masking vinyl for the design elements on the side of the truck. This was the easy part, it was then onto masking off the areas which were not going to be painted first, this is a long process and I now fully appreciate why RC guys use the liquid mask. I have not used liquid mask before so decided not to learn on Pete’s new Race Lid!!

Once all the masking was done it was time to get the first coats of paint on it, first up silver, and it is a real nice. bright and sparkly silver too from the Absima range. As far as rattle cans go it is nice to use with good flow and even coverage.

At this point I realised that I had made a bit of error with my masking and meant that to follow the original colour plan I would have to remove all the masking for the white areas and do it again leaving just the Fluro Yellow pin strips visible to paint. Considering I spent about 4hrs all in with the masking I was not going to do it all again so I spoke to Pete and agreed to swap the white and yellow around to make my life easier.

Once we sorted what we were doing it didnt take very long at all to get if finished, using a space heater on low setting to speed up the drying time it was finished up in around an hour and half. The result was very bright indeed. I am happy with the job overall and Pete is buzzing on the new lid…………….Everyones a winner 🙂

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