MS01-D Winter Project update 3

Hey everyone, time for another update on the progress with the Drift Car. So the MST MS-o1D is starting to feel more familiar every time I drive it, and it wasn’t long after my last update that I felt I had started to hit the wall with car in terms of its ability so some upgrades were required.


  • 1.84 CS Kit Fitted
  • Alloy Body Mounts
  • 60° High angle front driveshafts
  • Adjustable Alloy rear idler pulley
  • Metal Pivot balls to replace the dodgy kit plastic ones

First up was to replace all the plastic pivot balls and screws which came in the kit with proper metal pivot balls with hex head hardware for easy fitting/removal and smoother more precise action on the car.

Next I fitted the 1.82CS pulley kit and shorter front belt. This increase the counter steer ratio in the car which in simple terms means the rear wheels spin faster than the fronts to give the car rear wheel drive bias to enable more realistic looking counter steer drifts, so instead of the car going sideways with the wheels facing forwards you have to physically steer the opposite direction to keep the car in a drift.

Alloy body mounts which are awesome, why I never had these before is a mystery, adjustable for height and they look cleaner on the outside of the body.

60° Front driveshafts, allow a crazy amount of steering angle to enable more ridiculous drift angles than you can achieve with the standard ones.

Adjustable alloy rear belt pulley – function over form as the rear belt was catching one of my batteries so fitting the adjustable idler pulley allowed me to move the rear concentric bearing position to loosen it off then use the idler to raise the belt up to clear the battery.

All these upgrades are about making the car better on the track but none of it really make the car look any better………………. So?

Well I finally settled on what style body shell I wanted to do next………………Enter the Aoshima 1972 Skyline Kenmary

1972 Nissan Skyline Ken Mary – Aoshima

I had been on the lookout for a while for something I had not yet seen on track down at Soul RC and this ticked that box (even though since then I have seen another 4 them LOL). I was torn on what to do with it though, do I go full fat drift race look or keep it street and sweet. In the end I opted for street then set about getting the paint out. I didnt want to just go for a complete solid paint job so decided to experiment a little and this is what I ended up with.

Attempt at baby blue metallic

I used Tamiya PS-3 Light Blue and Absima Metallic Silver to get the finish you see in the images, first I gave it a very light dusting with the silver as it has a really high metal flake content its super shiny, then I hit it with the Light blue for about 4 coats. It looks awesome when the light bounces off of it!! I painted the arches on the outside by trimming the outer overspray film and just hitting hit some black paint, job done 🙂

Now with the body all painted and stickered up, its time to do some scale mods, so I set about making a little DIY roll cage from some drinking straws, to give it that street drift look I was after.

First attempt with the kind of thing so super happy with how it turned out, I also fitted a nice exhaust, scale rear number plate, wing mirrors and modern shark fin aerial on the roof for a touch “now” on what is a cool looking retro JDM super muscle car! More pics below 🙂 Oh and some more rims which are little more “on point” for this body style.

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