UPDATED: Now back to 6 rounds (4 to count), I was also contacted by another competitor just yesterday who has now switched to Tekno so the numbers appear to be growing still!! Bring the action PRO4 style!!

This week the final dates for this seasons championship were published on the main series website www.ukshortcourse.com

I cant wait to get back on track, and with ARC Raceway up first it will certainly wake everyone up after a long winter!! After being the first guy to run the Tekno in the UK Nationals it would appear it proved to be quite popular with at least another 6 drivers making a switch to Tekno (That I know of) I can see the A finals being full of them. #TEKNOTUFF

17th May – ARC Raceway

28th June – Telford RCMCC

12th July – Boughton Raceway

9th August – Mendip RC Raceway

13th September – A1 Racing Club

27th September – Silverstone RCMCC


2015 UK Short Course Nationals dates revised
2015 UK Short Course Nationals dates revised


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