2015 Race Livery – Jconcepts Raptor SCT-R

20150425_024348_Richtone(HDR)So with the new truck now built it was time to set about giving it some colour and some identity. I wanted to make the car brighter this season, I loved the black/yellow theme from last year but having to stand so far away from it on the rostrum I decided it needed to be a little more visible, so I dropped a lot of the black and introduced some white to the equation.

I decided to paint the shell myself this year after a hiccup with the painter last year, and also to save money and increase my own 20150426_155352skills with the painting. I enjoy the painting but its hard to find the time to get it done as well as I would like to do it. The end result I am very happy with, the design looks like an update of the original without looking too much like a wholesale change of direction. Those who know me or have seen my other design work in the racewear world, you will know I have a signature style with lots of angles and spikes. I would have liked to have done more with but my physical painting skills are not equal to my digital ones sadly so I had to keep it fairly simple but striking and effective. It should be easier to see on track now too. As always the stickers make it pop once the paint is laid.

All the drifting over the winter got me thinking about how I could try and make this paint job a little different, so I did my now customary metal flake undercoat to give the colours a really nice sparkle in the sun, the black and white both have coat of metal flake under and up close or in the sun it looks just the job. and to finish off I used some Tamiya smoke to tint the windows so the stickers stand off it more and to give a little more of scale appearance. Also note the cool chrome key lines under the black spike on the sides!!!

All thats missing is the Team Kirk decals which I am still yet to draw and order from RCS Graphic worx


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